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28 Day Nutrition Kickstart Program
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Nutrition Coaching Features

Love Life – Love Your Body

Our mission is to provide you with the fastest and most effective path to seeing results in your health, body and life.

Tasty Nutritious Recipes

All our super tasty recipes have been specifically selected to deliver a great source of nutrition and shed unwanted body fat

Love What You Eat

Weekly Meal Plans

You'll receive customisable weekly meal plans packed with tasty recipes and easy to prepare meals & snacks

Super Tasty & Customisable

Done-For-You Shopping List

We've taken the pain out of shopping by providing you with a weekly shopping list suited to your meal plan

Saving You Time

Learn To Portion

Learn our simple and effective method to portioning your foods according to your body type and personal goals.

Simple & Effective

Private Facebook Group

Join our private Nutritional Coaching Facebook group where we'll guide, support & motivate you along your journey

A Supportive Community

Results Tracking

Using our nifty online results tracking software, we'll work with you to ensure you stay on track to achieving your goals.

Attention To Detail

Nutrition Coaching Benefits

This Program Is For You If…

  • You’re a chronic dieter and want to lose weight once and for all

  • You feel too stressed and sleep-deprived to feel like you’re fully functioning

  • You are confused by conflicting advice you read in articles and see on shows

  • Your energy levels are low and you’re ready for real, lasting change

  • You seem to do “all the right things” but your weight keeps creeping up

Reasons You’ll Love It

  • You’ll have more confidence in knowing you’re on the right track

  • You’ll learn how to manage healthier eating and save time in the kitchen

  • Eat delicious foods that are in line with your personal fitness goals

  • Finally achieve the body you want and feel great in your clothes

  • Feel confident knowing you have an expert nutrition coach supporting you!

Pricing And FAQs

28 Day Nutrition Kickstart Program

  • Tasty & Nutritious Recipes
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Done-for-you Shopping Lists
  • Nutrition Tips & Strategies
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Consistent Guidance & Support
  • And More…

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of commonly asked questions and answers to help you decide whether you’re ready to begin your nutrition coaching program.

General Questions

The 28 Day Nutrition Kickstart program will officially start the on 1st July 2019. Once you have signed up we’ll begin getting you prepared for the start of your program to ensure you experience the very best success while on your 28 Day Nutrition Kickstart Program. Don’t forget, there’s a 15% OFF early bird discount if you sign up within the next 24 hours!

Yes, we have developed an additional recipe guide for use by vegetarians. Ingredients in our other recipes can also be swapped out for a vegetarian alternative.

Put very simply, yes!

You will learn that leading a healthy and balanced nutritional lifestyle will actually save you time. Throughout your coaching program you’ll be educated on how to effectively prepare your meals ahead of time.

When you get the hang of it you’ll be saving loads of time in the kitchen.

Yes. We have developed our 28 Day Nutrition Kickstart Program to run separately from our group fitness program on Clapham Common. No matter what form of exercise you currently do (if any), this nutrition coaching program is designed to help you shed unwanted fat and fuel your body according to your level of daily activity.

The primary mission of our nutrition coaching programs is to help you create realistic and sustainable eating habits. Living a busy lifestyle and going on holiday shouldn’t stop you from taking action in achieving the body your want.

When you go on holiday we recommend that you stay focused on the nutrition principles you have learnt. If you stray a little that’s no problem, just have fun and we’ll get you back on track when you return.

In order to see the best possible results from your program we would encourage you to incorporate High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as well as resistance training into your workout regime.

The workouts we provide at Lean Body Bootcamp are a prime example of the best way to exercise for optimum fat burning results.

Choosing to eat more nutritious foods does not have to be expensive at all. At first you may find that some of the meals and ingredients you currently have in the fridge and pantry are not suitable to delivering you the desired results in fat loss. These items may need to be replaced with better choices.

After stocking up on some recommended kitchen staples, you will soon find that your food bill doesn’t change much at all. We advise you to look at it from the point of view that you are investing in your health… So the little extra it may cost to fuel your body correctly is well worth it.