COVID-19 UPDATE: Lean Body Bootcamp is actively monitoring the local and global health situation around the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Lean Body Bootcamp has temporarily ceased training until further notice as a result of following UK government guidance.
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Get Fit & Tone Up for just £14

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Kickstart Your Fitness Today

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Get 14 Days of Unlimited Bootcamp Sessions in Clapham and Tooting Bec For Just £35 £14!!

Whether you’re just starting out your fitness journey or looking to take your training to the next level, Lean Body Bootcamp is perfect for you!

As your #1 outdoor group fitness program in Clapham and Tooting Bec, our friendly instructors will guide and motivate you through a wide range of high energy workouts that boost your health and confidence.

The best part? We’re a social, supportive group that makes getting in shape more fun than ever!

Our inclusive approach for members of all fitness levels makes us the favourite for everybody looking to get fit and toned in Clapham or Tooting.

Get Fit on Tooting Bec Common - Lean Body Bootcamp

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The Perfect Time for Outdoor Workouts

Unlimited Bootcamp Classes in Tooting - Lean Body Bootcamp

Lead Body Bootcamp gets you in shape by getting you outside!

Exercising outside offers a wide range of advantages including taking in Vitamin D and enjoying the fresh air. Plus, our workout sessions are far less expensive than any gym!

  • Battle Ropes that boost your heart rate while toning upper-body and arms

  • Kettle Bells to increase strength, stability and explosive power

  • Power Bags used for squats, presses and more that help sculpt your core and lower-body

  • Agility Ladders that take your speed and agility to the next level

    And many, many more!

No matter if you are looking to lose weight, tone up or just optimise your overall health, Lean Body Bootcamp will make your fitness goals a reality!

Get Fit. Get Toned.

Group Training in the Heart of Clapham & Tooting Bec

Discover why Lean Body Bootcamp is the #1 group fitness program in Clapham and Tooting! Come join us for fun, friendly and challenging workouts now.

When you register for the 14 Day Kickstarter promotion, you can come out to both our locations as many times as you want to take part in our challenging training sessions.

Led by our professional and inspiring trainers, Isaac and Graham, you will be pushed through a variety of body weight, agility and cardio drills that improve all aspects of your fitness.

#1 Fitness Bootcamp in Tooting Bec - Lean Body Bootcamp

What Our Members Are Saying

“No two sessions are the same and I’ve learnt loads about nutrition. It’s like having a personal trainer but without the price tag!”

– Sophie Oades

“The atmosphere at Lean Body Bootcamp is amazing, the people are even better. All in all, it is a great place to work out.”

– Amy Meyrick